Building Thumb Bucket Trail Ep 1 (Construction begins on our baddest trail yet)

Publisert 31. mars. 2021
We're finally getting back to trail building, after a Winter recovering from injury. This time, we're going big and machine cutting a bike-park style trail. This means I need to learn to run a machine. Also because this project will take so much time, we need to break the process up into multiple episodes.
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  • I’m am cracking up this is funny as hell

  • Right as pulls out the machine I am like oh ya

  • These videos make me wanna get off the road bike and shred with my mates

  • "...And he left them out in the open, but what are going to do?" Karen: 'I demand that you fire this incompetent idiot!" Ps, Kevin's amazing!

  • I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

  • Rip gopro

  • 1:00 hahhahag

  • *worst

  • o shit ive been subscribed for a little over 2 years what is this it does not seem that long

  • Once your done you should make a recap and ride it all in a series

  • oh wow its been two years already? it feels like not so long ago that i started watching. been here from the beginning seth!

  • 5:40 intentional music sync?

  • Hey gentleman can you pls step away from that rabbit poop and stop eating it?

  • You should make a dual slalom trail

  • I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

  • hand finishing ;)

  • I'm sorry about your gear, I felt that one

  • Been waiting for this for 6 months! Awesome!

  • Got that full on sinking feeling in my gut when you ran over the GoPro bag. Pumped your back though! Even if it’s just building for now.

  • Can you do a new starter hard tail bike for beginners

  • How do you know if an old bike is worth fixing up?

  • I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

  • This is the best Video of the world. 👍👍👍👍👌👌

  • how u go from an excavator on a trail to making a chicken sandwich

  • i sprained my ankle kind of like you broke it

  • I really want to go to your trails

    • Do you live in New Hampshire ?

  • I don’t really like the teeter cannon

  • I don’t know who’s better you or single track sampler

  • You should make an "eating dirt 2020"

  • I have just wanted to ask for a bike for every vid but realized I’m a special as everyone else and if I got one it’s not fair

  • I used to visit this channel 5 years ago when he had around 600k subs named seths bike hacks.great to see your progress😇

  • You should make a video where you buy a bunch of bike products off amazon and do a bike build and test with cheap sketchy parts.

  • please ask for an old group set so that I can upgrade the rotten and old stock please notice

  • He stop eating rabbit poop

    • Hey Seth, are you going to make a video on the Fooker pedals next month on may?

  • Should you repair some old foot braked bike if you have one that would be very interesting

    • hey seth you should do bike hacks again because i have a good one you use a tennis ball cup (like what they come in) on a water bottle mount for storage.

  • Day 1 of asking for your pk ripper

  • Its been 2 years, WHAT! 😳 it felt like yesterday i was watching you guys trying to send it over the road gap and jump over the tree on the skinny bridge line? Ahh the memories! Cant wait to see the finished line , cant wait for more in this series! 🤟🏼🔥

  • Are you still going to do rc videos?

  • Ngl it hurt's seeing seth walking like that. I can't imagine the stuff he'll be doing once that ankle fully heals.

  • Do you live in New Hampshire ?

  • Just saying Welcome to bike hacks today were reviewing the DNM dropper post I remember watching that years ago and I just watched it again so much has changed

  • Seth putting those RC & drone control skills to work on a big machine! :D

  • Someone needs to make ur yard into a descenders map def

  • seth can you please tell me uour bike size

  • I think you need to bike give away and i am the one there

  • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

  • I dare u to ride a cheap Walmart mtb bike on ur trail

  • Sup

  • hey seth you should do bike hacks again because i have a good one you use a tennis ball cup (like what they come in) on a water bottle mount for storage.

  • Hey Seth, are you going to make a video on the Fooker pedals next month on may?

    • Seth is the fastest learner at anything!

  • i think you should look at the loadhandler its a tread meal for a truck bed to un load it

  • You should do a video of building a bike from scratch. From the frame up with a full list of how to do it yourself and what you'll need. I want to do this and a guide would be useful.

  • nice

  • 0:57 Oscar has gotten a lot bigger.

  • Hey Seth, what charger do you use for your SCX24's? I've heard a lot of people say that the one it comes with is a piece of crap.

  • Dirt work can be amazing therapy. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Russia translates 😖

  • The looking down shot at 1:13 was done using a GoPro and his garage door no cap

  • New viewers may be surprised to know that Kevin used to be a full blown Lycra-clad roadie...

  • Excavator operator here use your feet to move and turn with the tracks

  • y haven’t you posted for so long?

  • hey seth, could you do a video with some mtb with rim brakes

  • I hate youtube that unsubscribe for no reason i searched this channel a long time take me 2 month

  • Seth is the fastest learner at anything!

  • Oh Yeah!

  • I don’t ride but I am looking to get into it. Can you maybe suggest other options besides Diamondback, because they are pretty expensive just for a hardtail

  • Even the blues are a great workout with, uphill steep downhill filled with berms. There are even some optional jumps. The black is filled with jumps.

  • Seth, I feel for that mic...

  • Been 2 yrs since watched ur videos nd y did u change the name to berm peak

  • Tall Fat Bike

  • Hey Seth it.looks good

  • Can I got your logo bro

  • Hi Berm Peak, I am thinking about getting the Se Bike 20 inch ripper. Do you think it is a good purchase?

  • I live in NC Seth! Its such a nice place It's very peaceful too!

  • You should come ride still well woods Long Island. It is a great trail with tons of berms. I believe they’re is even a jump line. From other videos, you said you are from Long Island. You should come for a trip at Stilwell.

  • Hi Seth I want to ask a question about bikes in need a bike that I can go hard on under $2000 I dont have a clue about a bike I can go hard on so please can you help me thanks

  • Seth inspecting Kevin's work after an injury felt just like how my dad inspected his bike once he recovered from his injury

  • Awesome job on the videos I’ve been around since the days of Seth’s bike hacks and berm creek! Love the vids and they inspired me to do a bit of Trail building myself. I know it might not good enough but a good video idea I think would be to come check out our trails! You probably won’t see this but I’ll try anyway! .

  • Hi, I started making my own trail with 2 other friends, we have a shovel and 2 spades, it's quite easy when the mud is soggy and its easy to hack at and break it down so the track can be smooth. We found a forest with some already-made jumps but they are way too big for us so we found this path that we are making our own on for leaning how to jump.

    • You could take the props off permanently and secure a tripod mount to it so that a camera operator has a gimbal stabilized pan/tilt/zoom camera for weird spots that you could

  • I can't believe been 9 months 😢

  • Very interesting raiding

  • Nice video bro 👍👍

  • i ran my brand new chainsaw over with my tractor once.... it's been over a decade and it still annoys me to this day

  • I can predict that seth will make an huge jump trail in here 😂

  • yay, trail building videos are back!

  • I miss seths bikes hacks

  • Can you make another bike light vid pls

  • I love your little dog he’s so funny

  • What’s are the best grips for me to get under $30

    • @justadoggo I was kinda thinking that but I don’t ride hard trails or jumps it’s more of a road bike but sometimes I’ll hit the trail

    • under almost no circumstances should someone get grips for over $30, just get a decent set of lockon grips

  • im size medium, you know if you do decide to

  • you are my mountain biking model and would love to meet you some time i go mountain biking alot and have got pretty good. right now i have a trek 3500 series three it would be a dream come true to be able to meet you and maybe get one of your old bikes that you dont use anymore. it would give me confidence in the trails. my adress is 1331 charleston ln columia tn 38401 and my name is asa baker and i watch your videos most everyday lately your GOOD

  • Does anyone have any suggestions on bikes under $220?

    • @PinchPeak5203 alright thanks

    • Doesn't exist. Pay $500 minimum for the crappiest bike that won't wall apart in 5 minutes. I honestly wouldn't bother with anything under $1000. If you can't afford that, then keep saving up, trust me. You can find good deals on used bikes usually, but right now getting a decent bike is very tough due to the pandemic, and worse bikes are selling for more than usual

  • GoPro? More like NoPro

  • “ Hey Seth, how’d you get those sick aerial shots?” “ GoPro and a garage door”

  • Can you please fix my bike with old parts my bike can hardly work and I need help fixing it and gets f things for it

  • You could take the props off permanently and secure a tripod mount to it so that a camera operator has a gimbal stabilized pan/tilt/zoom camera for weird spots that you couldn't use another camera. or maybe you can double your footage using multiple camera locations and one camera operator. I believe that the DJI app will "follow", so a rider could have their phone tethered to the mounted camera for a following shot while another camera is being used by someone else. Just some thoughts...

  • I can't believe it's been two years, the first video I watched of yours was the introduction to the new home you bought and talking about your plans for this place, glad to see you back!

    • can someone help me ? i finding cheapest frame with 150mm is real for under 600 💲? thx

  • A

  • My dad works with Carolina cat or the rental company

  • SIr Seth, can a worn-out chain slow down your speed? or does it makes how you pedal-less powerful than a new chain? please help me. or anyone who reads this comment help me. I have a worn-out chain on my mtb and I feel that every time i pedal, it has less power and it makes my speed slow. it make me pedal harder just to gain a 20kph speed. thank you.

    • @justadoggo thank you. I should get a new chain to prevent further damage to my cogs.

    • a worn out chain grinds against parts it shouldn’t, both taking away your energy and wearing out expensive parts