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I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!

We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.

In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.

Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.


10:02Building a Bike Workshop in my Airbnb House
6:49First ride since my injury on new bike day!
7:23Here's what we did in 2020 on Berm Peak
Here's what we did in 2020 on Berm PeakGanger 555 k3 måneder siden
10:08Mountain bike products you won't find in bike shops!
17:0010 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200
10 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200Ganger 944 k5 måneder siden
11:12We painted my dirt jump bike and it looks sick!
2:19So here's the story with my injury
So here's the story with my injuryGanger 660 k5 måneder siden
10:31Eric Porter Rides Berm Peak’s Scariest Features
10:36Reviewing a Fresh Batch of Weird MTB Products
Reviewing a Fresh Batch of Weird MTB ProductsGanger 1,5 mill7 måneder siden
14:58Upgrading and SELLING my Mountain Bike for the cause!
15:06Old Budget Hardtail Gets Fixed Up and Sent Hard!
11:47Building \u0026 Riding a Gnarly Teeter Totter
13:03Fixing Alex’s bike and ACTUALLY RIDING!
Fixing Alex’s bike and ACTUALLY RIDING!Ganger 1,2 mill8 måneder siden
12:27Bored? Watch a guy try to repair electronics
10:08Building \u0026 Riding the Backyard Pucker Pad!
12:17Making our backyard airbag jump twice as fun
Making our backyard airbag jump twice as funGanger 1,6 mill9 måneder siden
2:14Today, we lost someone special
Today, we lost someone specialGanger 1,6 mill9 måneder siden
12:01Building \u0026 Riding the Backyard Drama Drop 2.0!
10:33Building \u0026 Riding a Gnarly Backyard Rock Garden
13:42Before YouTube, I installed car stereos for a living


  • XC Gary Fisher 29er since 2008 swapped to Trek XCaliber8 last year... Found myself riding my Opus Zermatt commuter shopping bike more often recently. It's all about tires. Small Block Eight really changed my game. Tubeless a decade ago wasn't really good and it's still not viable for commuting. ByWay 40 WTB and Studded Schwalbe Winters my commuter bike does most of the same things but better

  • Are you OK.... I'm OK too

  • Ill try tomorrow morning me and my brother just got dirtbikes and the front wheel was not on and he pulled everything on the bike he could and screwed it up first thing

  • This is entertaining and inspiring!

  • if the trail is steep at a go pro then u better be scared

  • bryce wanker

  • I'm 42 and a road biker. Just started mtn biking. I hope when I'm 60+ I'll be just as active

  • Me, a beginner who white knuckles blue flow trails on a hardtail, not because of speed, but because I'm questioning the integrity of my poor, poor Bobcat Trail 4 who didn't ask for any of this: yeah, I could send that jump.

  • That is so cool

  • All you gotta do is send it my guy

  • That place is for sure above a 6

  • lol at the end

  • Make a video with bobo

  • trail mix in a Gatorade bottle

  • How is lisa doing

  • Glad to see you are doing way better after the big injury

  • I want a bike like that but I did not win it my friends will be suprised

  • I did the same hip fall by on a dirtbike

  • Mr. Seth , can i please have one of your old bikes 😊😊😊

  • I failed to unclip one time on a steep climb like that fortunately the system disengaged somewhere in the crash. It all depends on the micro-adjustements you do to the pedals.

  • Pete buttgeig rides an unicorn unicycle!

  • You videos remind me if stand by me

  • Seth, keep your hands on the controls....inside the frame at ALL times.

  • Did you just say sub $200 oh ggeeezzzz covid must have inflated the price cause these are $500

  • I’m recently starting to get into mountain biking, looking for a new bike tomorrow! thanks for the video!!

  • Clamp the frame tube insead. It'll balance better anyway.

  • No dude

  • Ur suppose to put the rubber stuff on first before the zip ties

  • Seth is angry 🤣🤣

  • I clamp mine to the top tube, ez

  • estudiando para no terminar como vos

  • Bye drama

  • i started working beggening april and im trying to make enough money for a mountain bike so i can build some trails and shred them, but now i have a bmx

  • R.I.P. Drama. The french bulldog paramedic.

  • 2 years later and still watching this video like 5 times a month

  • is it ok if i leave a dislike because i dislike dog deaths

  • Clamp it

  • I do that Legolas horse-mount technique: swinging around from underneath the handlebars

  • Those are some old kids lol

  • rip drama, little frenchie.

  • What bike is it?

  • im definintly not your skill level but i love the vids!

  • The fidlock is stolen from monkey link

  • anybody think this is freaking satisfying

  • How aggressive can you honestly ride on tire tubes? Are they all negative like everyone seems to make them out to be? Newbie to the MTB world and just want some input. I feel like tubeless set ups if you have to carry a spare inner tube anyways just add more weight then riding with tire tubes.

  • hey im having a problem with my bike's disk brakes. no matter how hard I press it does not want to break properly, even though I can see the pads touching the disk. Do you think I need new pads for the breaks or is it something to do with the wires having too much slack.

  • 4:28 😂😂

  • uh oh i have all these problems haha

  • Hi from GB, the Exposure lights are brilliant (unless they're coming toward you, then they're blinding), but the mounts are poor and that's why I went for the less powerful Chilli Technology's 5200 mAH light. It produces 960 lumens for 5.5 hours (and it actually does) and at £80 ($111USD) it is amazing value too.

  • how do u get so much height outta little tiny bumps

  • Painfully hard to watch him "wash" that bike... I think my 2-year old granddaughter could do it faster.

  • Der schlag ist richtig gut für das Manometer 🤣

  • Theres no such thing as "mid end". Think about it

  • There are lego rc cars crawlers bulldozers diggers you name it they have

  • This may be a little personal question, but what do you work as? Like, what's your job?

  • I’m am cracking up this is funny as hell

  • As soon as the bike heard 2020 :😦🥺😭

  • if u think thats bad u should watch my riding

  • thank you for showing me that first clip at the start i feel sick now :)

  • G DJ CJ an hff F

  • Who is here in 2021

  • So you went to Hawaii with your bike and not your wife ...... When are you signing the papers?

  • I feel like when you hang a bike from the dropper, you can introduce air bubbles in the system over time, especially heavy e-bikes

  • I honestly Wish I had the same garage with the same set up, It's so clean!

  • And here is born Seth's Biggest Project!

  • What kind of freewheel is used to enable also back peddling?

  • I really like my GoPro fusion. its a lot simpler than the max, reliable , audio crapped out and gopro replaced it free of charge, a 360 camera that owns the fact that its a 360 camera. unlike the max, that is really just a hero 8 disguised as a gopro fusion . my iPhone 7 was rendering my keyframes in the app no problem, can wait to try it on a new phone! and how much battery is drained in the big screen? Id rather save the juice for capturing !

  • What about the thing that Elon is doing for wifi from like space or some shiiii

  • is being 6’3 too tall

  • f

  • Man Alex looks like John wick

  • congrats

  • sir, what mountain bike shorts brand are you wearing? thank you.

  • is this why Walmart bikes are so hard to pedal? or am i just that out of shape

  • Seth wasn't scared about the roll in, he was scared to make a boring video without killer mountain bike content and I appreciate his commitment... this channel deserve every recognition it has and much more ...

  • who's here when he is starting thumb bucket? It is crazy how many trails he has built!

  • "hands free!" as he pushes a button on the screen :D

  • Really enjoying the build

  • Do you call that "hills" in Denmark a hill is 100 Feet tall

  • I had paid 100$ my full-suspension bike with steel frame and shimano tourney shifters a 5 years ago. I regularly change Shimano Megarange sprocket + chain once a year (15$), and I'm riding mountain bike trails almost every day and still very happy with my bike. :-)